Tapping into the Trees

We are surrounded by trees, yet do we really listen to them.  They are alive and breathing just like us, but they speak much quieter.  I'm starting a series of photos called  Tapping into the trees.  Perhaps I can hear what songs they are quietly singing to us.  Stay tuned for transmission!


Today I am receiving something that is gonna change my Dj world entirely!!  I'm super exited!! I've been Dj'ing with Ableton Live for the last 9 years, and today I am switching over to Serato.  There's a few reasons for this switch, and for those of you who know nothing about the world of software or hardware, just think of it like a change of the platform in which your work comes through.  Serato is a program made entirely for Dj's whereas Ableton Live is made for just about any sound application you might want.  So, I'm upping my game and trying something new, and entering the world of next level Dj'ing!!

New Day

New Day

There is so much I want to share about the new chapter I am embarking on.  I have been slowly coming to the realization that there's no time left to hide our gifts, it's time to share them with the world!! Time to bring the music of my soul out to the people.  I've had a slow blooming flower inside that is ready to stretch it's petals to the sun.  I'm so excited to share what's been brewing. Stay tuned for so much music to come in the coming year!!